You can customize your preferences for using a site by clicking the Options icon, which is located in the top navigation bar.

This expands the Options panel, which allows you to make choices that best reflect the way you want to view the site. Please note that some options are site-specific, and may not be visible on other sites. 

Make your selections, then click "Set Options".

Resolution: Change the resolution that images are displayed in.

Thumbnails: Select the desired number of thumbnails to show on a page.

Open Images: Determine whether the large images will open in a new window, or the same one.

List View: Select between a detailed or a grid view

Tags: Show or Hide tags

Navigation: Choose between Simple and Enhanced

Search Results: Set the results to show All, or a select a numeric value

Thumbnail Size: Select desired thumbnail presentation

Home Page: Set the default for how updates will appear on your home page

Measurements: Model measurements will either be displayed in Imperial or Metric

Slideshow: Set the time between slides when using the slideshow feature

Template Style: Select either a white or black template for the site. 

Comments: Elect to show or hide member comments

Descriptions: Elect to show or hide gallery/movie descriptions

Recents: Elect to show or hide pages and content that you have recently viewed. 

Download: If you are having problems with slow downloads, try changing this setting. It can be changed back at any time. 

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