If you are receiving multiple password reset attempt emails, but you have not attempted to reset your password, that usually means that someone is trying to gain access to your account through the web form on each site's password reset tool.  

We strongly recommend that customers have a username and password for our sites that have never been used elsewhere on the Internet, including non-adult sites. Once databases are breached, that information is shared over and over again.

A quick way you can check to see if your account is threatened is to go to Google or another search engine and search for your username, along with the site. For example, MetArt customer Tom124 would type in

Tom124 + MetArt

If the account has been compromised, the information will show up on password sharing sites. 

If you are receiving unwanted password reset emails, or you have found that your information has been shared, please contact us with details so that we may take appropriate action to protect your account and your card that is tied to it. 

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